Peak Vitality, LLC


What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body's natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities and optimizing your health. The core concept is that your personal well-being and health are directly related to the state of your body's energies.

What are the roots of this work?

The techniques that I use trace back to ancient healing and spiritual traditions such as yoga, tai chi and acupuncture. The form I use and teach does not require adherence to any particular set of beliefs or practices. The core concept is that your personal well-being and effectiveness are directly related to the state of your body's energies.

How does my body link to energy?

Our energy bodies are influenced by the food we eat, our lifestyle, our personal interactions as well as our environment. As a result, our body's energies fluctuate between being in balance and out of balance based on factors influencing us. 

How do Energy Medicine Techniques work?

The techniques I use and teach trace back to ancient healing practices such as yoga, tai chi and acupuncture. These practices are based on the premise that by promoting balance and flow in the body's electromagnetic and subtle energies, health and well-being are enhanced. The techniques may involve the use of certain postures or movements and also light touching, holding, tracing or circling over specified areas of the skin. These techniques move, balance, enhance and restore the body's energies. I may also employ a procedure called 'energy testing' as a way of assessing how your energies are flowing through specific areas of your body and will help us understand the techniques that will be most beneficial to you. The methods we use lend themselves to customized applications in the studio as well as to home self-care.

What are the limitations of Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is not a substitute for the diagnosis and/or treatment of medical or mental health conditions by a licensed health care professional. If you have a disorder that has been diagnosed by a licensed medical or mental health professional or a condition that should be evaluated by a licensed health professional, my services should be used only in conjunction with your obtaining that care. I do not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders, nor am I trained or licensed to do so. Energy Medicine attempts to optimize the body's overall health and vitality, but it is not to be used instead of appropriate care from a licensed professional.

What differentiates transformative coaching from traditional coaching?

We utilize the same traditional tools and coaching approaches that you would experience in working with most coaches. However, in this approach, we identify  where the things that are holding you back or challenging you emotionally are being held in your energy body and clear them. Clients often experience a major breakthrough in the ability to move forward from this combination of coaching and energy work.