Peak Vitality, LLC

- Divorce Support

- Weight Control

- Career Related Issues

- Feeling Stuck/Held Back

- Hormone Imbalance

- Dizziness/Vertigo

- Sleep and Insomnia

- Autoimmune conditions

  (ex. MS, Fibromyalgia)

- Cancer Treatment Support and Recovery

- Significant Life Changes

- Emotional issues including Anger,   Worry, Fear, Grief and Depression

- Pain Management including Migraines/Headaches

- Digestive Issues


- Fatigue

- Relationship Issues

- Stress/Anxiety


We know you may have some questions about our work

Balance and Restore Your Body's Natural Energy 

Increase your vitality, balance your emotions and optimize your health.

Many emotional and physical symptoms are a reflection of energy patterns out of balance.

Through open-hearted compassionate care, Jody focuses on expediting the path to well-being through a customized blend of energy healing techniques, coaching tools and mind-body approaches. 

Come and experience gentle, well tolerated techniques that can be continued as at-home self care practices for issues related to:

Energy Medicine and TRANSFORMATIVE Coaching in Princeton and Hopewell

Do you want to feel better emotionally, physically and spiritually?

Do you want to be empowered to help yourself?

We focus our work in energy healing and transformative coaching 

Our client feedback best demonstrates the impact of our work

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We understand the importance of building a trusting relationship as we partner with you to address  your physical, emotional and spiritual issues